Frequently Asked Questions

  • www.vacationhomestays.com is a Web portal diffusing and promoting on-line offers of vacation rentals. Our role is to bring together vacationers and property owners wishing to rent directly a vacation home.
  • The contact made by the vacationer with the owner is FREE. To contact a property owner by e-mail, simply use the form provided for this use in his advert or else you can e-mail us directly to acquire other contact information.
  • The rentals listed on the site have detailed descriptions and are accompanied by numerous photos. All this combined is meant to help you with your search and assist you in making the right choice. We maintain that by simply creating a trustworthy environment between our members relationships will be established!
  • How was your stay experience at the property was it bad, good, excellent? Just take out few minutes to write down about your experience this will help you and others to have wonderful experiences on vacations.
  • In simple words these are homes which are rented out to travelers as an alternative to hotels. Vacation homes have become hugely popular as it saves the vacationer lot of money and provides them with the privacy also. As an example an average 2 person Hotel room in Switzerland, Zurich will cost you around $200/day whereas a house for 4-6 person $500 a week and most probably you would be able to cook your own meals.
    1. Check availability calendar, Check rates for nightly, weekly stays
    2. Check for the Necessities and amenities requirements like Kitchen equipment, pets, swimming pool etc.
    3. Complete any formalities like signing a rental agreement between you and the owner, Check from whom to get the keys when you arrive, Check if the owner is offering any discount if you book the property for a longer period.
    4. Check the amount you need to deposit with the owner before you use the rental, Check mode of payment. You can pay directly through wire transfer or through PayPal or Credit card. Confirm with the owner.
    5. Check the owner’s refund policy for the deposit if you decide to cancel the trip at the last moment.
  • Yes, you can upload your property details and preview your advert immediately or if you have already paid our web designing team will do this for you “Free of Charge”. Your listing will not become active on our website for people to see until you validate that your email address is correct and a manual review will be done from our team to check for any obscene material.
  • Yes, we do provide discounts to home owner with multiple properties contact directly at info@vacationhomestays.com to get a customized price according to your needs and conditions.
  • Please see Advertise with us
  • No, the service is not auto-renewal we will send you reminder E-mails and make phone calls for the same, If in case you are no more interested in continuing our services or forget to renew your subscription it automatically gets deleted from our database.
    1. Log into your account.
    2. At the top left corner, click on “Create New Listing”.
    3. Enter property details by filling given forms.
    4. Select Package (Standard/Classic/Premium).
    5. To get property live, click on “Pay” button or you can go to “Dashboard” for Preview Listing and pay later (property will be saved in draft).
    1. Go to the homepage.
    2. Click Owner Login at the top right.
    3. Click Forgot Password.
    4. Enter the email address that you used to sign up for your vacation-rentals-home account.
    5. Check the email account for a customer support email with the password, If you do not receive the password in your email shortly, please check your junk mail/spam folder.
  • You can update/edit your entire Advert including photos 24 hours a day. As soon as you update or edit any information through Owner’s Login, Your changes are updated to your holiday home rental listing immediately.
  • VAT is an acronym for Value Added Tax, and is a sales tax added to a product or material. Depending on the country of residence, VAT can have different values. You do not have to worry about the VAT charges they are already covered in your listing and are taken care by us.
  • “Featured Property” is a service where you may see properties advertised on the Home Page in a horizontal strip and give them an added exposure
  • You can Anytime unsubscribe from e-mails or define the amount of E-mails you wish to receive/weekly/daily by simply emailing at newsletter@vacationhomestays.com and subject “Newsletter” Owners and property managers will still receive transactional emails such as order receipts and inquiries.